Cool & Hot Water Pipe System 
Its smooth inner layer is rust and scale-free leading to 30% more flow than metal pipe. Ease of bending, installed directly on girder, buried inside wall and cement concrete, Aqtek pipe can be found with a simple metal detector. It is very suitable for cold and hot water system of both household and industry.

Housing Gas Pipe System
The continuously butt welded middle layer of aluminum makes Aqtek pipe able to withstand high working pressure and no gas (oxygen) permeability. It is long enough to decrease fittings, thus no leakage. Aqtek pipe, used in compressed air, gas, oxygen, etc. supply line is assured safe.

Under floor Heading System
Hard but able to bend. Not accessible to deform because of pressure, even deformed does not split, never springs back and is long enough to decrease fittings, avoids flow resistance and leakage. It enjoys a wide range of working temperature (-40°C ~ +110°C). Under floor heating is a hygienic and high class heating system, which has been widely used in the world. Few pipes meet the technical requirements of under floor heating system, but Aqtek pipe can do it!
Solar Energy & Air-conditioning Matching Pipe System
Not accessible to frost and its high thermal preservation saves the cost of insulation, thus giving these systems higher working efficiency.
Medical, Foodstuff & Chemical Industry Pipe System
Aqtek pipe’s inside and outside PE doesn't react chemically. As medical and oxygen supply pipe, it can be assured safe of the purity of its carrying media. As foodstuff and industrial fluid supply pipe, it is contamination and corrosion resistant, which assures foodstuffs are not contaminated during manufacture. Below 60°C, PE is able to stand all kind of (in density) acid and alkali solutions, static-free, thus it can be used in chemical industry without needing extra protection.

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