The pipes are available in diameter starting from De 14 mm to De 90 mm.

PIPE UV PE-AL-PE (ISI 15450) – For hot and cold water distribution. (-40°C to 82°C) COLOUR - BLACK

PIPE B PERT-AL-PERT – For hot water distribution. (-40°C to 110°C) COLOUR - ORANGE

PIPE C PE-AL-PE – For oxygen and gas. (-40°C to 50°C) COLOUR - YELLOW


Complete range of fittings is available for use with Aqtek MLC pipes: Brass Compression Fittings: Made from DZR (dezincification resistant) brass is a combination of highly reliable and simple installation technique. The forged brass fittings provide long lasting leak proof joints without the use of any special tools.

Quick-Fit Engineered Polymer Fittings: Aqtek Plumbing Systems introduces for the first time in India a Revolution in Plumbing Engineering. It introduces a Smart, Quick and a Reliable Plumbing System of Pe-Al-Pe pipes with ‘Quick-Fit’ Engineered Polymer Fittings which are suitable for use with Thermal Polymer Pipes, by just pushing the fittings onto the pipes without soldering, crimping, clamps, adhesives or any special tools.

Brass Compression Fitting

Engineered Polymer Fittings

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