The advantages of synthetic material and metal in one product

Easy Installation
No more copper sticks, no more sweating joints every few feet. Aqtek MLC pipe’s convenient, light weight coils allow you to install a professional plumbing system quickly and efficiently. Installation crews are less fatigued and larger coils mean less wastage.
Need to make a bend? Go ahead.
Need to snake a pipe around an obstruction? There is nothing stopping you.
When the system calls for a fitting, you simply cut, bevel, insert and compress the pipe for secure, long term connections. It is really that fast and simple.

Reduced Pressure Loss
Aqtek MLC pipes come in coils (rolls) of up to 200 metres. One has to just simply straighten the pipe, lay it, bend it where needed and it’s done. Further advantage of this is lesser number of fittings used – leading to lesser chances of leakage, no wastage of pipe and less labour time consumed thus, lower costs. The extremely smooth internal surface, as well as preventing the formation of deposits such as lime scale, ensures reduced pressure loss with the passage of time. Its feature of bending and staying in shape leads to 30% more flow as compared to conventional metal pipes.

Corrosion Resistant
Aqtek MLC pipe’s inner and outer layer is of polyethylene which at normal temperature does not dissolve in any known solutions and is resistant against acid, alkali and salt of various kinds along with aggressive water (chlorine). The middle aluminum layer provides total opacity and a 100% non permeable barrier against sunlight (UV resistant) or any other gases. Thus, you have a plumbing system where you have a peace of mind against growth of fungus, micro organisms, colour or taste problem. Also the built in permeation barrier ensures no ground source contaminants like fertilizer and pesticide, when the pipes are used for underground installation.
Aqtek MLC pipe is the best pipe for the distribution of potable / drinking water based on the above properties

Guaranteed durability of at least 50 years
The system has a guaranteed durability of at least 50 years in compliance with product standards; in this period the product can be used at pressures of 10 bar (1 bar – 10 kg/cm 2) and temperatures ranging from -40°C to as high as 110°C intermittently.
Aqtek MLC pipes are best suited in the sub-zero temperatures as they can withstand repeated frosting and thawing and do not burst due to freezing like conventional pipes.

Thermal Properties
Aqtek MLC pipe’s aluminum core controls the expansion and contraction in the pipe (2.5 x 10-5 / °K). In fact although it looks like a plastic pipe its expansion rate is very similar to copper’s (10% as compared to plastic pipes) so you do not have to worry about building in costly and time consuming pipe offsets.
Aqtek MLC pipes are bad conductors of heat / temperature [0.45 Watt/(m °K)] – insulation requirement is much less that that required for conventional metal pipes.

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